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Hi there,

welcome on my blog! My name is Brett Rijnders, I’m a passionate geek who loves adventure, travel and meeting new cultures! I work as software engineer and have a MSc degree in aerospace engineering. I’ve founded several online projects like PBSViewer, and have been involved in some other small businesses. I started this blog on May 2009 since I wanted to share with others my side projects and passion. I love to learn and I’m always in for a new challenge.


I was born in the Netherlands in a small village called Heemstede. During childhood I went to several schools across the country, which helped me in meeting new people and making new friends. Later on I joined the University at the TU Delft and studied Aerospace engineering.

In my life I have achieved various successes in different fields. Here are some interesting achievements:

  • Participated in Honour Track program: A special program for excellent students who have finished their Bachelor program within 4 years and have an average grade of 7.5 or higher. The Honours Track program consist of 30 additional ECTS and has to be followed parallel to the Master Track.
  • Obtained P-in-1 year for Aerospace Engineering.
  • Founded PBSViewer: a PHP web based project for viewing Punkbuster screenshots online.
  • Running and leading highly skilled gaming team together with my brother ( We were playing the pc game Battlefield 2 (BF2), some may know me as BandAhr. Our team was called Dutch Killer Elite (team-DKE), we were ranked #1 in Europe for several weeks.
  • Developed the famous WAIB BF2 server-side mod every BF2 player was talking about in Europe. This modification to the game was coded on the server itself in such a way that clients didn’t have to download the mod itself.
  • We became 4th with our high school research project when participating in the ‘Jan-Kommandeur‘ competition, which was initiated by the RUG in 2007. Our research group consisted of three people. We were asked to do some research on a pan that originated from Senegal. Those pans were hand made from scrap material and were suspected unhealthy and not suitable for cooking. During our research we determined that those pans were indeed unhealthy. For this research we used ICP and AAS measurement techniques.
  • Won the first price in topic of ecology with the same research project at the International Conference of Young Scientists in St. Petersburg.
  • Representing my high school at jaarbeurs Utrecht in 2007 and won 50.000 Euro with the i-d-award durvendelendoen.

Favorite quotes

  • “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn
  • “Your life is a gift. Now go make it count!” ―  Michael Hyatt

About this Website

So why is my website called BeeSaR? Well it has to do with my initials of my name, which are BSR. You pronounce it like BeeSaR, isn’t that nice?

On this website I want to share my stuff I’m passionate about like software, entrepreneurship, travel and cultures. I hope it will be useful to others.

Final Words

If you want to contact me, please take a look at my contact page or follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.