Overview of finished audio books in 2019

In my previous blog post,reading three books per week, I came up with a new goal for this year. My plan is to “read” 150 books this year. Here is some quick update regarding my reading goal.

Completed books

I’ve listed the finished books (47 in total) below in an arbitrary order. I will try to keep this list up to date. Some of those books I’ve finished were really good and refreshing. I will highlight those books in a separate post later.

  • De zeven eigenschappen van effectief leiderschap
  • How to Talk to Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere
  • The 10 Best Habits of Successful People
  • How to Grow Rich by Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income
  • The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read
  • Free Will
  • De ideeën van Philip Kotler over marketing
  • Human Universe
  • Business for Punks
  • Intelligent Investor: Investing Guide To Analyzing The Stock Market And Making Smart Investments
  • 101 Amazing Facts about Japan
  • Agile werken in 60 minuten
  • Investing In Real Estate: How To Invest In Real Estate And Make Money With Proven Strategies
  • Crush It!
  • Warren Buffett Speaks
  • Online Income: Beginner’s Guide To Making passive Money with online business (Amazon, Ebay, Web Design, Shopify, Secret Strategies)
  • Achieve Any Goal: 12 Steps to Realizing Your Dreams
  • he Gods Never Left Us
  • Personal Brand: How to Grow a Following, Boost your Career, and Skyrocket your Income With a Powerful Personal Brand
  • Waarom jagen we onszelf zo op
  • Dit wordt jouw jaar!
  • Missie en mindset
  • Public Speaking to Win
  • 48-Hour Start-up
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Zero to One
  • What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast
  • The Virgin Way
  • Steve Jobs
  • Leer beleggen als Warren Buffett
  • Men Are From Mars
  • An Introduction to NLP
  • Pulling Your Own Strings
  • Ikigai
  • De basis van zakelijk succes
  • Make More Money
  • How to Get Rich
  • How to Be Rich
  • The Power of Amazon – How to Sell on Amazon And Make Income in No Time
  • Dropshipping Guide for Beginners: A comprehensive guide to building your business on marketplaces using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, eBay, and Sears
  • Amazon FBA: A Step-By-Step Guide to be an Amazon Seller, Launch Private Label Products and Earn Six-Figure Passive Income From Your Online Business Selling on Amazon
  • Unfu*k Yourself
  • De quantumcomputer
  • The 10% Entrepreneur: Live Your Dream Without Quitting Your Day Job
  • The 21 Success Secrets Self-Made Millionaires: How to Achieve Financial Independence Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • The art of war

Last updated 31-03-2019

Reading 3 books per week

Pile of Books

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. The past years many things happened and some things didn’t happen. That’s life, not everything can be planned in full detail upfront, you sometimes just have to go with the flow. I’m not saying you should accept life as is, on the contrary actually, you should fight for your life and get the most out of it.

Your life is a gift. Go make it count! – Michael Hyatt

Based on this life motto I’ve set a new goal for this year.

My goal: reading about 3 books per week, that means about 150 books this year.

Why so many books?

As a person, I’m always looking for ways to grow and learn more about the world we live in. Books usually give you additional knowledge and experience. Additionally, it improves your vocabulary and it improves your communication skills. Moreover, some books can be very inspirational and can give you extra motivation in your life. Besides, it will give you a different perspective on life. Everyone has their own world view, which is usually biased. Did you know that most of the CEOs nowadays read about 50 books a year?

How and when to read a book?

During the day I don’t have much time since I have a full-time job. So I can only read during my free time in the evenings or during the weekend. Furthermore, I’m not a fast reader and easily get tired/bored when reading lots of pages. So that’s a bit of a challenge for me, but luckily I found something nice! Instead of reading I should listen to audio books. This should enable me to “read” 3 books per week. It has several interesting benefits for me:

  • You can read faster
  • You can listen while doing other things
  • Hearing someone else talking to you, instead of your own reading voice, can be very relaxing, inspiring and motivational.

There are a lot of good audiobooks available online. However, buying about 150 books is a serious investment. On average a book cost about 10 euro, so I would end up with paying 1500 euro on books. Instead of buying them separately, it’s better to go for a service provider that provides audio books for a monthly fee. There are several audio book providers available like Storytel and Audible. I decided to go for Storytel since it’s cheaper and there is no limit on how many audiobooks you can listen per month. My intent is to listen to a book when doing my household chores or when travelling to work/home.

How is it going?

Initially, I thought my goal was crazy, but surprisingly it’s going extremely well. I started with listening to audio books about 3 weeks ago and I’ve already listened to more than 20 books. I noticed that listening to audio books is quite addictive. Every time when I have finished a book I’ve gained some new insights and inspiration, and immediately want to listen to more. Below I have listed my current top 3 audio books.

Top 3 audio books

  1. Free Will – Sam Harris
  2. Unfu*k Yourself – Gary John Bishop
  3. The Virgin Way – Richard Branson

To me, listening to some audio books is like having a mentor sitting/standing next to you. Especially when the writer is also the reader, this is the case for the books listed above. I can definitely recommend to read or listen to those books.

Reading books can be very refreshing, inspirational and an eyeopener to you, it will definitely change the way you look at life. I’m definitely not planning to stop doing this. I realize that this goal is more and more becoming like a habit actually. Now if you don’t mind, I will stop writing and continue listening to my audio books.