PBSViewer updated

There is a new version available now for PBSViewer. This free php script PBSViewer can be used to view ingame captured pb(punkbuster) screens on a website, a demo can be seen here.

Latest features

  • Download latest pb screens from gameserver.
  • Shows your pb screens independently to your visitors, without user/admin intervention.
  • Search player by guid or by name, without openening every single pb screen.
  • Use of wildharts in your search.
  • Automatic update of log file. This will prevent the log file to grow in size. Since pb keeps adding data, there is no limit in file size (pb does not clear old data, with this script however you can).
  • Multiple admins are possible.
  • Updates for pb screens can take place automatically or by admin intervention.
  • Easy automated install script included.
  • If there is an update available then you will be notified. A warning is displayed on top.

In this new version a security-fix is added, see changelog for more info. For more info about the project go to PBSViewer.

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