PBSViewer on google code

Google code: hoster for open source projects

Finally I have found some time to start up a project on google code for PBSViewer. More information of PBSViewer can be found on this page.

Google code is a place where open source projects are being hosted for free, it is mainly used by developers. There are other sites that provide this kind of hosting as well,  like sourceforge, however I chose google code because it is simple, fast and reliable. Another reason why I chose for google code is that my project PBSViewer is quite small, it does not contain a lot of files and currently only one person (me) is contributing to this project. With google code it is very easy to manage the development of PBSViewer.

For my project I am looking for members who can contribute to this project. Several things can be done:

  • Testing PBSViewer for different games and environments
  • Work as developer and improve/add features
  • Add new awesome graphics as artist
  • Create documentation
  • Help with translation

If you want to help you can contact me or leave a comment. Remember you are not only helping me but the whole gaming community!