New version PBSViewer

PBSViewer to view all your punkbuster screens

There is a new version available for PBSViewer, version This free php script PBSViewer can be used to view ingame captured pb(punkbuster) screens on a website, a demo can be seen here. The new key features are listed below, a complete list of changes can be seen in changelog. To download PBSViewer go to the PBSViewer page.

New key features

  • Added autocomplete functionality if you search for names
  • Admin can make PBSViewer private by configuring a password in ACP.
  • New safe login environment for admin (admin access through IP address is history)

Latest key features

  • Download pb screens from your gameserver and show them on your website.
  • Shows your pb screens independently to your visitors, without user/admin intervention.
  • Easy search for screens, search supports wildcards. You can search by guid or name.
  • Secure Admin login.
  • PBSViewer has an Admin Control Panel (ACP), here you can easily configure your PBSViewer.
  • Option to make PBSViewer private, only those who know password can use PBSViewer.
  • Automated checking of md5 hashes of screens, it can automatically check if screens have been altered or not.
  • Get aliases of player.
  • Easy installation script included.
  • Reset feature included to delete all screens and logs.

Ideas for next release

  • Multi-language support
  • Other image enhancement functionalities

If you have more ideas or you want to request a feature then please go to the Feature Request page or go to the issue page (for advanced users)


At the moment I’m still looking for people who want to join this project and help me. There are a lot of things that can be done:

  • Testing PBSViewer for different games and environments
  • Providing logs and screens, provide test data
  • Work as developer and improve/add features
  • Add new awesome graphics as artist
  • Create documentation
  • Help with translation
  • PR: recruit for new members, announce new releases on websites/fora.

If you want to help you can contact me (please use contact form) or leave a comment. Please mention what you want to do and mention your speciality/experience. If there is something you want to do but it is not mentioned in this list, please contact me and we can discuss it. To join google code project page, you should have a google account. You don’t need gmail to get a google account, just go to this page to create one.

Remember you are not only helping me but the whole gaming community!

  • easy installation, added installation script
  • reset button added, to delete all screens and logs
  • For search field, field name is selected as default, instead of fid
  • Auto rewrite of special characters used by html

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