Short Animation Movies – The Animated Five, #2

Here is another collection of five great short animation movies I watched last week. I really like the first two movies, both are very high quality animation movies telling an inspiring story about being persistent and never giving up.

This blog post is part of “The Animated Five” blog post series. You can find other animations under the animations category. Please let me know which one is your favorite and feel free to suggest other movies.





This is a special one! If you have ever been to Holland and tried “broodje haring” then you will know the smell they are referring to in this movie.

Slug Invasion

A dark hilarious and creative movie about slugs having an invasion. If you want to know how such a slug invasion would look like then you definitely have to watch this movie!

Short Animation Movies – The Animated Five, #1

I love watching short animation movies. They are entertaining and perfect if you don’t have much time. Besides that, they are lovely and very creative, and often have a hidden message. I really appreciate the work and effort artists have put in those movies to tell their stories. Since I really love and admire animated art work I’m planning to share weekly 5 short animation movies you definitely should watch! I will do this for the coming 10 weeks. The past week I have watched 5 great short animation movies I really enjoyed and want to share them with you, enjoy!

The Present

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

Blind Spot

Minions – Illumination

Lily And The Snowman

Please leave a comment and let me know which movie is your favorite. Feel free to share your favorite animation movies.


10 of the most awesome cinemas in the world

As some of you know I’m a big movie fan, I really love and enjoy watching movies. Most cinemas however are quite standard, only a select few are really able to give you this unique and unforgettable experience! So here is my top 10 list of the most awesome cinemas in the world!

#1 Hot Tube Cinema, London

Hot Tube Cinema, London

How ‘cool’ is this, watching a good movie in a hot tube!

#2 Rooftop Cinema, Melbourne, Australia

Rooftop Cinema, Melbourne, Australia

Watching movies on a rooftop with your friends, how awesome is that!

#3 Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Just wow, I really would love to watch movies in this drive-in themed cinema!

#4 Nokia Ultra Screen, Bangkok, Thailand

Nokia Ultra Screen, Bangkok, Thailand

Nokia Ultra Screen, Bangkok, Thailand

Definitely want to go this cinema some day! They have free snacks AND you can get a foot massage.

#5 Cine de Chef, Seoul, Korea

Cine de Chef, Seoul, Korea

I would like to go to this cinema some day! It’s a luxury cinema where you can first have your dinner and afterwards relax watching a movie.

#6 Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia

Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia

Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia

I went to this cinema with my girlfriend. We went to the one inside Grand Indonesia. It was an amazing and romantic experience, I can really recommend anyone!

#7 Electric Cinema, London, England

Electric Cinema with double beds

Beautiful styled cinema with beds located in the front. I would love to go here!

#8 Tuschinski Amsterdam

Tuschinski Amsterdam

I went to this cinema several times, it’s a beautiful Art Deco cinema. They play the latest movies and the theater is located in the center of Amsterdam.

#9 Urania National Film Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful cinema and location for watching a movie with your date.

#10 Ugc De Brouckere Grand Eldorado, Brussels, Belgium

UGC de Brouckere Grand Eldorado, Brussels, Belgium

Ugc De Brouckere Grand Eldorado, Brussels, Belgium

I lived in Belgium for about two years, I can’t believe I have missed this cinema!

I hope you enjoyed my list! Some of the cinemas I haven’t visited yet, they are still on my wishlist. If you have any suggestions please let me know!


Top 20 Similar Dutch Words Used In Bahasa Indonesia

Selamat datang!

Some now and then when I talk with my Indonesian girlfriend (Maria) we discover some new words that are similar in both languages. Initially, we react surprised but at the same time we enjoy those special moments since they, despite our long-distance-relationship, make us feel even more connected. Let me share our top 20 of words we have discovered so far.

Top 20 loan words (Dutch-Bahasa Indonesia-Meaning)

  1. Bank – Bank – Bank
  2. Bioscoop – Bioskop – Cinema
  3. Politie – Polisi – Police
  4. Pienter/intelligent – Pienter – Intelligent
  5. Boek – Buku – Book
  6. Dokter – dokter – Doctor
  7. Hallo – Halo – Hello
  8. Kost (More a Belgian word) – Kos – Room rental
  9. Lamp – Lampu – Lamp
  10. Gratis – Gratis – Free
  11. Motorfiets – Motor – Motor
  12. Oom – Om – Uncle
  13. Oma – Oma – Grandma
  14. Oranje – Oranye – Orange
  15. Rok – Rok – Skirt
  16. Roken – Rokok – Smoking
  17. Seks – Seks – Sex
  18. Sinterklaas – Sinterklas* – Santa Claus
  19. Thee – Teh – Tea
  20. Visie – Visi – Vision

* I didn’t expect that they have this word in Indonesia, since they don’t really celebrate Sinterklaas in Indonesia (please correct me if I’m wrong).

There are plenty more loanwords, for those who are interested you can find them here:

Please let me know what your favorite loanword is. Just let me know if you think a special word is missing. Also feel free to share more interesting similarities between Indonesia and the Netherlands.


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