Short Animation Movies – The Animated Five, #4

Another blog post of “The Animated Five”. Every week I share 5 great short animation movies. This week’s movies I watched were mostly about love, I think you will enjoy! You can find other animations under the animations category. Feel free to let me know which one is your favorite or suggest a nice animation.

Short Animation Film: On The Same Page

Adorable movie with creative and beautiful scene transitions.

Short Funny Animation Movie: Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou

A funny and lovely “ying-yang” movie, they were made for each other!

Beautiful Short Animation Movie: Dia De Los Muertos

Stunning and colorful animation in which a girl visit the land of the dead.

Animated Short film: Cupido – Love Is Blind

A funny short movie where Cupido is trying his best to correct his mistakes

Short Animation: The Small Shoe Maker

Watch the daily life of a passionate small shoemaker in Paris



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