Short Animation Movies – The Animated Five, #7

Another post of  “The animated five” with some great short animation movies. Every week I share 5 great short animation movies, I hope you will enjoy the movies of this week. Please feel free to share your thoughts or any great animation movie.

Short Animation Movie: In Memoriam

Watch how an old watchmaker is working on his final master piece through the eyes of one of his creations.

Funny Short Animation: Partly Cloudy

Cute and funny movie you have to watch. Somehow you keep watching and wondering what the next cloudy creation will be.

Short Film: Life is Beautiful

Watching this movie will surely give you a different view on life and after-life.

A Marvelous Short Film: Goutte d’Or Short Film

This movie is truly a piece of art! It took about six years to create this stop-motion short film. The film is about a pirate who falls in love with a beautiful queen and her not so friendly octopus.

Lovey Short Animation Anya

Watch how a Russian orphan grows up and seeks love in her life.


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