Short Animation Movies – The Animated Five, #8

Every week I share 5 great short animation movies. I hope you will enjoy the movies of this week. Please feel free to share your thoughts or any great animation movie.

Short Animation: Au fil de l’âge

Beautiful movie about a grandmother sharing her values with her daughter, follow them on an amazing journey.

A Funny Short Film: Green Living

A green sparrow wants to become elegant flamingo. With help of his friends he is getting quite close to becoming a real and elegant flamingo.

A Short Inspiring Movie: Rock In The Road

An inspring movie with a great message.

A Short Robot Animation Movie: Tea Time

A funny short movie in which grandma replaces her old dusty robot with a new fancy robot, maybe not her best choice…

Animation Movie: 850 Meters

Another funny film in which a not-so-brave knight is on a special quest. He needs to get this special sword in order to save the princess.

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