Short Animation Movies – The Animated Five, #9

The past week I have again watched some great short animation movies, which I will share below. Every week I share 5 great short films. I hope you will enjoy the movies of this week. Please feel free to share your thoughts or any great animation movie.

Short Animation Film: Gentleman’s Duel

A funny and  creative movie about two real gentlemen with an unexpected twist.

Animation Movie: Sintel:

Another great short animation movie in which you follow a woman on her special quest, she is searching for her kidnapped little dragon.

A Short Animation: Branded Dreams

This is a superb short animation movie! The movie is quite dark, mysterious and dreamy, but somehow it keeps you hooked. In this movie you get an impression of a dream which is largely influenced by a specific brand. In my opinion it would be awesome to watch such commercials in cinemas, they are better than the mediocre ones you see nowadays.

A Short Animation: Recall Overwatch

A great short animation movie about a genetically modified gorilla called Winston. He is longing for his heroic days with Overwatch’s agents. Is it time to recall them?

A Cute Short Animation Film: The Gift

Warning, this movie has a high cuteness factor! In this movie a young girl made a special gift for her mom and dad, but she is not sure if she can give it since they are having a fight.



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