logo msn Shoutbot This logo I have made for my msn shoutbot
Team porn logo Made for a bf2 ESL team, they needed a catchy logo
Team Kansloos Another logo for a bf2 ESL team. The text ‘kansloos’ means prospectless.
logo I have made/used for my research group at high school This logo was designed for the ABC(Anthony, Brett and Christian) team. It was used during one of my high school projects. You can read more at the ‘About’ page
Logo DKE 3D During my high-school period we(me and my brother) were running a clan name team-dke. We needed a logo for our team, I came up with this a ying-yang logo. It represented our balance in the team.
DKE logo avatar used for Trackmania Here another logo for team-dke
DKE logo used on website This logo was used on our website of team-dke
DKE logo Wallpaper Another one for team-dke, but now in 3D. I made this logo in Maya, it really took a long time to render this image. Altough the end result is very nice I have to say.
DKE logo Black & White A black and white logo of team-dke
logo Scripting Zone This logo was made for a website called scripting-zone.