This is the development page of PBSViewer. Here one can post comments that are related to development of PBSViewer. You can think of posting bugs, suggestions, implementations etc…

More information on this project can be found on google code

Planned features

    More information on planned features can be found on the google code page. A feature can be requested by posting a comment or on this page or on the Feature Request page of google code.


    The changelog has moved to the google code page, you can find it here:

    –    order by (name/date)
    –    extra info: (aantal gedownloade plaatjes & incomplete plaatjes)
    –    improve sql queries
    –    verbeterde .htacces (SEO)
    –    remove map automatically, if possible
    –    if MOZILLA: then use to view screens

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    4. I am having problems running this script, due to the game host firewall. I have been tinkering with the script using ftp_pasv($connect, true);
      This has now allowed me to transfer the pbsvss.htm file, however I am still unable to transfer the screenshots.

      Is there anyway of making this ftp_pasv friendly, to get around the gameserver firewall.

      Looking forward to being able to actully use this script


    5. I have managed to get the files to transfer over, and they seem to be storing in the database correctly. However I am getting the following error?

      Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for download/b000749.png in /home/strikefi/public_html/pbview/inc/ on line 360

      Instead of calling for the full image name pb000749.png, it has dropped the ‘p’ and is trying to find b000749.png, are you able to assist me with this.

    6. Hi Flav,

      great to hear that you want to use this script, I really appreciate that. about the filesize thing, probably the files weren’t stored correctly in the db. I can have a look at it. You can contact me on xfire: bandahr71188, if that doesn’t work for you then somewhere on irc. I’m usually online in the evening.


    7. Hi,
      As you already know this, I figure a post to let others know may be of some use.
      This is a great program. I currently use it to show screen shots for our 3 “America’s Army ver 2.8.5″ servers.
      After I downloaded and installed PBSViewer I struggled a bit to get it running but was not due to PBSViewer (with 1 exception listed later on). I am running PBSViewer on winxp and a home server as well as my own ftp server (ALFTP worked best for me. I have recieved many compliments on this viewer. A couple notes if any one is using this setup. When installing, please read directions. Pay attention to the router settings as you will get no screen shots (you will get other data but not images)if router is not configured properly. For example, I have a DLink Dir-615 router. I ended up with port 21 in virtual servers and pasv port 1024 in port forwarding section. There were 3 short_tags in update.php file which even though my home server is configured to handle short tags, it didn’t) that i simply had to add”php” w/o quotes to get update to work. I strongly recommend PBSViewer to anyone that is wanting to display their pb screen shots. Thank you Brett for such a great program.


    8. Hey!

      How can I install PBSViewer, when I’m running webserver on the gameserver, so both are on my server. I don’t want to use FTP for transfer PBSS.

        • Hi Rocco,

          First of all sorry for my late reply, I did not see this comment here (until now) and wordpress did not notify me of this comment (strange…).

          PBSViewer needs a FTP connection, it is not possible to use it without FTP unless you change the code. At the moment I am not planning to support other file transfer protocols than FTP, sorry.

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