Command List

Here a collection of commands to which this bot responds. Original Dutch pae can be found here.

!nieuws -> show news of website
!nieuws special -> show special news of website
!wiki -> search for wiki pages, use !wiki ‘keyword’.
!quiz -> start quiz.
!news -> same as !nieuws: show news of website
!mop -> get a joke.
!tv -> get information what’s on tv.
!link -> just give a random link.
!reken -> only for simple calculation work, can only calculate with 2 values. for example: 2*1120.
!music -> gives a song number.
!film -> gives random movie link.
!gedicht -> gives random poems.
!rijm -> use !rijm ‘keyword’.
!youtube -> will give a random link.
!slogan -> create your own slogans with !slogan ‘yourname’.
!zoek -> search on the internet, use !zoek ‘keyword’.
!woord -> To find meaning of words, use !woord ‘yourword’.
!trans -> Translate from English to Dutch, use !trans ‘yourword’.
!poll -> get latest poll.
!poll results -> show results of random closed poll.
!woordmix -> play a wordgame, you have to guess the right word.
!trivia -> gives random facts
!love -> this is a love calculator use !love name1’+’name2′
!info -> get some extra info about bot
!help -> get some extra help.
!list -> gives list of members who are using this bot.
!my_score -> gives your high score
!top_score -> get top 5 high scores
I will try to keep this page up to date with the latest commands.

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