Shoutbot features


Here is the feature list, if you want to know which commands you can use just go to this page:

Command List

For the original Dutch feature list go to this page

Feature List

  • Try to learn automatically words and sentences
  • Has a wordmix game, where you have to find the original word
  • Can give the latest news (in Dutch)
  • Can generate slogans for you
  • Give random Poetry
  • Possibility to give rhyme words
  • Can give quizzes
  • Do some basic math
  • Can give a short movie description
  • It can give you a random radio station, which you can listen with your mediaplayer.
  • Gives a random youtube link
  • Translate words from English to Dutch.
  • Find a wiki page
  • Can find the meaning of a word
  • Give a random joke
  • Give your opinion by means of polls
  • Check your love life with the love generator.
  • Can make searches with use of google
  • Get some random trivia
  • Tries to answer your questions
  • All chats are stored in database to see where the shoutbots needs improvements

This list will be updated if there are new features available.

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