Becoming more active in blogging

Hi there,

Welcome on my blog! After a long time I decided it’s time to become more active again. I haven’t been active for a while. Over the past years many things have changed and I gained many interesting experiences. I think that as a person I have definitely grown, yet there is still room for more growth!

Growing seed

Recently I noticed something interesting. When I talk to my friends they are all happy to listen to my stories, advice, feedback and experiences. In return I love hearing their experiences and stories. A couple of months ago one of my close friends suggested me to start writing more about my life, my interest in cultures, food and travel. Back then I didn’t realize it yet, but she was actually nourishing one of my seeds that was growing in my subconscious mind. For privacy reasons I’m not going to mention her name, but basically she told me indirectly what my close friends were telling me:

“Please share more about your life!”

Fast forward

The past weeks I have been listening to inspiring podcasts like Michael Hyatt and John Corcoran. In one of the podcasts Michael was persisting that anyone who wants to be a leader and inspire others that you should become an active blogger. You have to lead by example. This really resonated with me. I was already being active on twitter, but haven’t been active in blogging yet. In addition to being inspired by podcasts, my girlfriend suggested me to write something on my blog.

So here I am!

Great, I know I want to blog, but what should I share? I am thinking about posting every one or two weeks about the following topics:

  • Travel in Europe and Asia
  • Weekly summaries of my favorite links I shared on twitter
  • Food
  • Health
  • Cultures
  • Music with beautiful lyrics
  • Long distance relationship experiences and tips
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Online courses
  • Coding tips and tutorials
  • Etc..

Please let me know if you think there is a topic missing. With my blog posts I really hope to inspire and help others. If you are interested feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Your life is a gift. Now go make it count!