Short Animation Movies, sci-fi edition – The Animated Five, #5

Here is another post of “The Animated Five”. The past week I mainly watched science-fiction movies. It’s one of my favorite movie genres, they are quite mysterious and make you wonder about the future. As a tech guy I really love to see and think about the amazing creations artists came up with. They are quite inspiring, some creative artifacts might seem utterly complicated and impossible to make and others may seem plausible to have in the near future. The movies I’ve shared have some amazing artifacts. Please feel free to share your thoughts, enjoy watching the movies!

A short film: Abiogenesis

An amazing animation movie showing how a strange mechanical device lands on a unknown planet and creates life.

Mysterious short animation: Ruin

A mysterious movie set in a post-apocalyptic universe.

Short film: Stray

Awesome movie about a lonely guy living on a floating outpost somewhere high above. You will probably be watching this and think “How could this thing float?!”.

Short animation: No-A

Great movie about a robot trying to rescue his creator. I think you will love this piece of art, don’t forge to check out their beautiful artwork here:!concepts/c1p9k

Short film: LONE

This movie is about an astronaut going on a deep-space mission to find life on another planet.